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Game: Belated Halloween Happenings

Salutations trainers, at this time of year many of us feel those ominous chills up our spines, hearts filled with energy while awaiting our sugary festivities! We also feel a need to celebrate this year, however we can't get past the ire afloat in the air right now. The night sky is lit with glittering lightning, and everyone seems to have a gleam of fear in their eyes as they gaze upon it. What could be the matter you ask?

Of course, being this time of year you might see some scary characters walking about. Don't be afraid, but don't let your guard down either! There's been some odd phenomena happening, erratic texts and messages on computers, lights flickering on and off sporadically. Something is definitely up, and it seems to be concentrated in Cherrygrove, and Viridian city.

There's been an announcement that an old power plant outside of Kanto and Johto is being re-opened. The hope is that since Kanto and Johto have progressed and require more electricity to sustain themselves, it'll be more successful this time around. In fact, the new facility owner is so hopeful for the new facility that, in order to promote it, he is letting all people ride the train from Viridian and Cherrygrove for free for a limited time!

We hear there's a grand opening in the making, although it has been delayed from its original date of October 31 because of what they're calling electrical problems. Nothing yet warrants particular suspicion, but prepare yourself for some twists and turns as you uncover the sinister details that lurk behind the fa´┐Żade...
Sunday, 2nd Nov, 2014 · 64 replies


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