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Verify your account by September 30.

Hello all. As most of you know the new Playerdex has been up and running for several weeks now. Many of you would have already used it, but there are still over 1,000 accounts that have not.

All players must verify their accounts on the Playerdex by September 30th or lose access to the game.

So if you have not done so, please head over to the Playerdex right now and log in:

Spread the word - if you have friends that play the game who may not be aware of this please let them know.

All players who verify before the end of September will receive 250 tokens to spend on the Playerdex PokeMart in the Token Store section.

If you have any issues on the Playerdex please use the Playerdex Bug Catcher to report them.

If you have any issues with verifying your account, feel free to join the PWO IRC Chat and ask for help there:

Be aware that you must have access to the email address on your PWO account, this is the only way to verify and retain access to the game.
Sunday, 21st Sep, 2014 · 10 replies


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