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Game: What’s going down?

Last Saturday, we launched our Player Survey to better understand our players' opinion with regards to membership. Over 500 player accounts gave us their opinion and are now being used as a guidance to shape a new membership package that will aim to provide a new range of benefits suggested by players.

While we can't confirm what the new membership will look like at this time, you can expect another announcement to follow in the next few weeks.

But first I wanted to discuss some of the various stats and suggestions players raised up. Some of them caused a chuckle or two – we're asking about our membership and someone goes to suggest we should include free Runescape membership. There are some who expect pokemon, items or money (or in some cases all three) just to be thrown at them. So no, we will not be giving 12 common shinys for every membership purchase.

Then there are the suggestions which surprised me – a membership channel. A suggestion I never thought would be raised up. And then the suggestions that to be honest are better off for players as a whole, your feedback is noted however it'll be considered for players as a whole.

In terms of stats, it didn't surprise me that the shiny chance rate was the most voted benefit for someone to purchase membership. However still less than 50% voted for it and in terms of changing it, 40% are against the purposed change.

I think it'll be interesting to see what players thoughts are once we're in a position to confirm our new membership package.

Till next time.

PS. The following players have won 10 days of membership from the survey. It'll be added onto your account later today.
Fionavara, Mortyh, ManKeyS, knotzl02, zoner9, Taogoat, MissBiscuit, KILLERMARMAX, clarox, bigdidy, PlaymanX, gnouc1210, PainIchi, yeffri_castillo, UW01, Yahiamice, Keizaron, Scorpion669, benini, MASTERGAM
Saturday, 12th Apr, 2014 · 11 replies


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