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PWO Services: Playerdex Changes

Hello all

Today is the day! We'll be switching to the new Playerdex later this evening which means we're in for some downtime.

Game, Forums, Main Website
All will be offline from 6pm. We're hoping to have back online by 12am.

The Playerdex will be offline from 6pm. We're hoping to start bringing it up slowly from 12am. This means some users will be able to access it while others will not be able to.

Closed from 5pm. We will not be opening registration till the Playerdex is online for all plus some extra time padding.

Some extra things to keep in mind:

Please ensure you have access to your email address. You may be required to verify your email.

Login Settings
The game won't support these settings just yet. Support will be added sometime this weekend.

We're keeping the page offline as we need to do a live test. If you're planning on donating today, speak to me during the downtime over on IRC ( ... ExPTIxNQ40).

I would like to thank all our testers for their bug reports and suggestions.

Friday, 29th Aug, 2014 · 32 replies


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