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EVs. not Eevees - v1.95.3

***Before downloading this update, be sure to save any custom skins! They will be overwritten, so move them out of the Pokemon World Online folder before continuing.***

Pokemon World Online 1.95.3

Hello, Pokemaniacs! We hope you are having a pleasant day.
This post is to announce the addition of yet another much awaited feature: Effort Values!

*For those of you already familiar with the system, enjoy! Items like vitamins are not in yet, but they will be added soon once the bare-bones system is tested publicly.

For those who are unfamiliar with this aspect of the Pokemon world, here are answers to some FAQs about EVs:

[i]";What are EVs?";[/i]
Effort values, or EVs for short, are bonuses gained by a Pok�mon from engaging in a battle and defeating its opponent no matter how strong or weak it was.
In other words, EVs are affected by how you train your Pok�mon. *There are also items that can affect EVs, these are supported. They will be available in the near future, however!

[i]";How do EVs affect a Pok�mon?";[/i]
- EV points in each stat are used to calculate the current value of the stat along with its IVs and nature boosts.
- Whenever a Pok�mon defeats its opponent in a battle, the new value of each stat is calculated using the newest EV points corresponding to that stat divided by 4.
- This helps your Pok�mon to become stronger *or more specialized in battles.

[i]";How can a Pok�mon gain EVs?";[/i]
- When you catch a Pok�mon for the first time, it will have 0 EVs in all its stats.
- EV points are added to the Pok�mon's stat after the battle or when the Pok�mon levels up during the battle.
- Each Pok�mon species will yield different EV points in different stats, but each species may add from 0 to 3 EV points to each stat.
- Your Pok�mon can have a maximum of 255 EV points in each stat with maximum of 510 EV points in all stats; that means you cannot not have a Pok�mon with max EV points in all stats, so you may need to train your Pok�mon wisely.
- When the EV points are divided by 4, the remainder will be disregarded, so you just need 252 EV points to get the same effect as max stat.
- There are also items that can make your Pok�mon gain or lose EVs, but these are not supported yet. However, they will be in the near future!
- It�s important to note that even if your Pok�mon is at the highest level, it can still gain or lose EVs.

[i]";Where can I see my Pok�mon�s current EVs?";[/i]
It�s the same as seeing its stats or IVs - just hover over the Pok�mon, and its information menu will pop up automatically. This includes the chat channels and trade windows. When you see that an EV stat is red, it means that your Pok�mon has reached the max amount of EVs.

[i]";Which Pok�mon gives which EVs?";[/i]
It�s the exact same as the Gen 5 Black and White handhelds, so you can use official sources as a list. Here�s an example of Speed EV gifting Pok�mon for your convenience, although it is important to note that not all of these species are available in the game yet: <!-- m --></a><!-- m -->

[i]";How can I show others my Pok�mon�s EVs?";[/i]
You can Shift+Click to show your Pok�mon to a chat channel, as we�ve now updated the stat window to include EVs.
If you want to be more private about it, the /iv command was also updated to include EVs. Just type /iv pokemonteamposition, username (For example, to send a message about the Pok�mon in the 2nd slot of your party to your friend named �darkfox1234,� you would type /iv 2, darkfox1234)

So, now that you know all there is about EVs, what are you waiting for?
[url=http&#58;//forum&#46;pokemon-world-online&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?f=2&;t=26679]Download the latest client patch HERE to check out this new feature![/url]

Remember: Soon, we will release some exciting items related to Effort Values of a Pokemon! So stay tuned and as always, don't forget to get involved by giving us your valuable feedback!

Thank you all for being patient and enjoy. See you all Online.
Monday, 16th Mar, 2015 · 111 replies


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