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Map Contest Weekend Event. Closed!

The event is due to close shortly- midnight Monday night UTC. We hope you all enjoyed it!

Players who have already started a quest may continue to hunt for the stolen goods for one more day. However all exclusive weekend event spawns will be removed now. After 24 hours the Maps will continue to be on display without spawns as the winning entries to the first PWO Mapping Contest.

You heard correctly! Pewter City Museum is proud to be the first in the Pokemon World to display this new technology.

We recently ran a competition to see who could design a homely and comfortable forest habitat for pokemon, and our two winning entries will soon be on display at our museum. Not only that, but for a short time only- this weekend from Late Friday evening/night to Monday UTC- they will be fully stocked with live pokemon! Professor Oak himself has taken an interest in the project and has provided them all himself, hoping this will be a new way to study pokemon in their natural habitats. He also promises there will be something for every trainer to hunt for, but more on that later.

You can see the machinery on display now on the third floor of the Pewter City Museum. The 'Weekend Event' is now open! Just go to the third floor of the Pewter City Museum and choose a map to start in. Be sure to talk to the Engineer in the map when you first enter to start your quest.

If you are in Johto Kristin in Goldenrod City will help you get there.
Tuesday, 30th Sep, 2014 · 37 replies


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