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Holodeck Event now over- leave feedback below!

Good day, trainers!
Earlier this year, [url=;t=36894]Pokemon World Online's second mapping contest[/url] took place. Several players submitted their entries and after careful reviewing and discussion by the staff, the winners were announced. [i]Tha-Kram[/i] and [i]KRH3R0[/i] claimed the first and second position respectively.
The winning map entries will be put on display in the Pewter City Museum on Friday, and you may all explore these maps and catch the wild Pokemon living in them once the new holodecks are up and running on the day. If you're a Johto resident, don't fret - you will also be able to access the Pewter Museum from a scientist at Violet City! (However, you will be returned to Johto on leaving)
You will also find a few interesting additions from our side on the maps like the Limited Quantity Shop.
If you look around, you might find someone in need of your help. Give them your time, and maybe you�ll get something in return.

Thursday, 21st May, 2015 · 20 replies


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