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Pokemon World Online 1.95.2

***Before downloading this update, be sure to save any custom skins! They will be overwritten, so move them out of the Pokemon World Online folder before continuing.***

Pokemon World Online version 1.95.2

Once again into the void. Adding onto our 1.95.1 patch, is some more, much sorely wanted and needed focus on the battle scene and giving the Pokemon a treat themselves with a growing list of move fixes and held item abilities added.

A few other notable changes from there are:

- Visible Gender Icons
- Status effect potions and Repels added
- AI battling tweaks
- Switching a fainted Pokemon in PVP now doesn't require input from the opponent
- Statuses do not overwrite each other any longer
- More held items
- 25+ Added/Fixed moves
- 25 Added/Fixed abilities

A larger list of most Client/Server updates for this patch and subsequent fixes, and touch ups can be found over on [url=;t=37241]Donar's Dev Log[/url]

As a test as well, 1.95.2 has been made as a small patch instead of an entire download to be integrated with 1.95.1
Newer players will need to install both in order to play the game, both of which can be found on [url=;t=26679]the download page located here[/url].

As always, for those of you who use download managers with health checking - or who are just nerds - here are some checksums you can use to verify the updater is official and downloaded correctly (thanks Jinji!). If you don't know what these mean, don't worry about them:
MD5: b8eb86426be3981e34b03efc06d6de5c
CRC32: 21e83ab8
SHA256: 70ad88b4036f47a9fe0a3d5596d2039f71bd0b3001bf5e9a6d626251c8ee4006

Thank you all for being patient and enjoy. See you all Online.
Monday, 16th Mar, 2015 · 105 replies


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