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PWO Mapping Contest. [CLOSED]

Closing date for entrants has now passed. Winners will be announced when staff have all voted on them.

Hello, trainers of PWO!
I would like to proudly announce PWOs 2nd Mapping Contest!

How to Participate:
Simply make your own custom map with our PWO Map Editor!
You can download the PWO map editor here: <!-- m --> ... +1.1.3.rar</a><!-- m -->

For both new and experienced mappers, we encourage you to read these guides:
1. Tips for new mappers: <!-- l -->
viewtopic.php?f=66&;t=21558</a><!-- l -->
2. Mapping Tutorial and Guides: <!-- m --></a><!-- m -->
3. It&#39;s advisable for mappers�both novice and experienced�to refer to this guide for operational information on the Map Editor: <!-- m --></a><!-- m -->
If you are relatively new to the realm of mapping, you should now be more surefooted with it after reading over these guides; even if you&#39;ve already gotten your feet wet with mapping before, hopefully these guides can still help to polish, refine and developing your mapping skills and techniques further!

Assignment Criteria:
Theme: Remote seafront location.
Minimum Size: 50 x 50
Maximum Size: 150 x 150
Deadline: February 10th, 2015.

Submitting Your Map:
- Submit your map in this topic, or in a PM to me; Animagus; it&#39;ll be forwarded to the rest of the staff&#39;s attention either way.
- Your submission must have:
Screenshot of your map in a spoiler.
Your map download link &#40;Save your map, then upload the files in any file-sharing website or client, and give the direct link in this topic&#41;

- You can post multiple maps; no delimitation of entries. We will choose what is deemed to be the most map, but only that singular map will be accounted for when ranking the best entries.
- Pay attention to the map details, as outlined in the Assignment Criteria.

- For bonus points you can also suggest a list of pokemon that would be suitable in your map.
- For extra points again write a mini quest to be completed on your map which should take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.

Your map will be live in-game and forever on display in the Pewter Museum Holodeck. However, should your map contain any errors, such as layering errors that may unignorably obstruct a player&#39;s movement through the areas, you will need to work with us in order to refine it. &#40;working with us to fix it prior to it being displayed ingame is subject to availability of staff and winner&#41;

The Judge&#40;s&#41;:
All staff members will be your collective judges. We&#39;ll discuss the entrants with each other when the deadline comes to evaluate the best Map to go live in-game.

Points will be given for each of the below sections:
[list][*]Design, including but not restricted to: attention to details such as using correct layering.[/*:m]
[*]True to Theme.[/*:m]
[*]Efficient use of entire map space.[/*:m]
[*]Suggested spawns &#40;bonus&#41;[/*:m]
[*]Mini-quest &#40;bonus&#41; [/*:m][/list:u]
Your creativity, artistry and originality will be our biggest parameters for evaluating your maps.

We do encourage you to try working with layers logically. An errorless map won&#39;t invariably be the contest-winner�we are still judging maps primarily and predominantly on the notion of creativity�but we will appreciate effort towards using the proper selection of layers; it could be a factor in its own right, as it helps to exhibit how thorough of a mindset has been used to create the map, which is an important one to have when maps are added in-game. <!-- s:&#41; --><!-- s:&#41; --> For those who don&#39;t know about layers, this guide also outlines tips for you.

[i]If there are more than:
10 participants, we&#39;ll select 2-best maps.
20 or more participants, we&#39;ll select 3-best maps.[/i]

Working with the Winners:
When we select your maps, we&#39;ll work with you in order to put your map in-game. Hereon we&#39;ll together correct your map if your map contains any fatal errors. &#40;For Example : when your character can walk in the water, or when you can walk on the wall&#41;. You can test your map before letting other players explore it. After you&#39;re satisfied with it, you can tell us to open your map for public use.
As stated above also, this depends on availability of both staff and winner, and if we can&#39;t &#39;catch up&#39; in a reasonable time the map will be released ingame regardless.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for future releases of this contest. What could be done to improve how the contest is ran, and how would you appraise your experience in this contest?

Enjoy, and good luck to all participants; we look forward to working with you!

Thursday, 22nd Jan, 2015 · 27 replies


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