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Pokemon World Online 1.95.1

***Before downloading this update, be sure to save any custom skins! They will be overwritten, so move them out of the Pokemon World Online folder before continuing.***


Hello again and welcome to PWO.

Our previous update, 1.95, featured a few [s]minor[/s] major errors which caused players to not be able to play or get stuck constantly, which we have aimed to solve in this patch update.

Authenticating on login - Should be fixed
Random and mostly constant NPC freezes - should be fixed.
Weird glitched sprites - Should be fixed

There have also been some minor tweaks made, such as the ability to turn off the night/day cycle separately to weather. As well as default settings applied to Follow sprites and client border window.

Some updates made in 1.95 are slowly being implemented by our scripters across the lands, such as the Animated Pokemon NPC's.

[url=;t=26679]You can find the download links for the latest client here.[/url]

For those of you who use download managers with health checking - or who are just nerds - here are some checksums you can use to verify the installer is official and downloaded correctly (thanks Jinji!). If you don't know what these mean, don't worry about them:
SHA1: 9ba8344094224960cbd80d590cada911e6c16513
SHA256: 279803fa426b83ddd9e83c0ad92c40ba509bfe9e4418ddd671d92d15dbbb0742
CRC32: 46f4bfe6
[spoiler=Spoiler]This is what we have been working on. This is what you all have been waiting for!
Players, here is all that is included in the 2015 Spring Updates:

Held Items:
Held items are now supported!
The following held items will be effective in battles and on the field:
-Stick when held by Farfetch'd.
-Razor Claw
-Soothe Bell (Can be held to increase happiness gain by 1.5x when held. It is no longer a consumable item that immediately gives happiness to a chosen Pokemon.)
(More held items will be added in the future)

Any newly caught Snorlax will be holding Leftovers by default.
Any newly caught Farfetch'd will have a 5% chance to be holding Stick.

Item Management:
-If a pokemon has a held item, it will be displayed in its hover menu.
-To give an item to a pokemon, right click on the item's name in your backpack and select 'Give Item'
-The Pokemon's menu now has Take Item options to remove held item from any Pokemon.
-The pockets in the backpack have been reorganized for convenience.
-You can right click an item in the backpack to discard it. You can also retrieve tossed items with a command.

The following commands have also been added for managing items:
/giveitem <;Position 1-6>;, [Item Name].
/takeitem <;Position 1-6>;.
/discarditem <;Item Name>;, [quantity].
/retrieveitem <;Item Name>;, [quantity].

New Abilities:
-Hyper Cutter, Natural Cure, and Shed Skin were added.
-The abilities Blaze, Torrent, Overgrow &; Swarm have been fixed.

Entry hazards are here:
-Spikes &#40;stack up to 3 times&#41;, Toxic Spikes &#40;badly poisons if stacked&#41; and Stealth Rock made functional.
-Rapid Spin now removes all entry hazards as well as leech seed
-Confusion and Curse are lost when Pokemon is switched out during battle now
-Confusion, Curse &; Seeded status are lost at the end of a battle.
-Status damage no longer gets triggered on battle end &#40;e.g a pokemon hitting itself after the player runs away&#41;

Hotkeys: &#40;Optional&#41;
One of the various long-awaited features to be implemented in this update! You may now assign at most three items to hotkeys from the PWOptions.ini file in the Pokemon World Online folder - this works for any item that has a use outside of battle. To assign a hotkey, right click Pokemon World Online and open file location or search for the file called PWOOptions.ini, then use the ASCII key for that button. &#40;for example, to make your hotkey �e� you�d give the hotkey a value of 101.&#41; Here is a reference sheet for those of you that might need it: <!-- m --></a><!-- m -->

This requires pasting the following text over your PWOoptions.ini file:


Hotkey1 = 49
Hotkey2 = 50
Hotkey3 = 51

Hotkey1 Item = Bicycle
Hotkey2 Item = Old Rod
Hotkey3 Item = Wind Surfboard[/spoiler]

Chat History: &#40;Optional&#41;
-Chat history is now stored in the client, and the number of saved chat messages is configurable by setting &#39;ChatHistory&#39; in the &#39;PWOOptions.ini&#39; file in the &#39;Game&#39; section.

This also requires the text in the spoilers above.

Several Move Fixes:
-[i]Absorb, Leech Life, Giga Drain &; Mega Drain [/i]can now heal.
-[i]Solar Beam, Sky Attack, Razor Wind &; Skull Bash[/i] now require a charge up turn.
-A few missed moves that could still be used in a recharge turn have been fixed as well.
-[i]Curse[/i] has been fixed; if used by a ghost type it takes half of it&#39;s max HP and applies a curse to the target
-[i]Status Moves[/i] such as Hypnosis no longer are affected by type immunity.
-[i]Leech Seed[/i] damage/heal calculation has been fixed.
-[i]Return &; Frustration[/i] now change attack power based on happiness
-[i]False Swipe[/i] now leaves 1 HP with the target when used.
-[i]Super Fang[/i] no longer is affected by damage halving caused by burn status
Several other moves: Gyro Ball, Grass Knot, Low Kick, Brine, Eruption, Water Spout, Reversal, -Flail &; Heavy Slam have been fixed.

-The HP bar uses the three available colours: Green if the HP is greater than 50%, Yellow if the HP is greater than or equal 20% and less than or equal 50%, and Red if the HP was less than or equal 20%.
-The EXP bar uses a blue color.
HP and EXP bars&#39; formulas were corrected to indicate the real measure of the remaining HP/EXP percentage.
Non-Volatile statuses are now visible on the HUD and in the hover menu.
Pokemon icons are now updated to Aevero&#39;s new sprite pack.

In-Battle Screen:
-Opponent&#39;s Pokemon is drawn larger.
-User&#39;s Pokemon was doubled in size.
-Aevero&#39;s new sprite pack is used so that the full back of the Pokemon is visible.
-User&#39;s battle info shows both held item and non-volatile status if existed.
-The HP bar on the user&#39;s battle info uses the 3 colours: Green, Yellow, and Red; depending on the remaining HP percentage.
-HP value was added to the user&#39;s battle info to indicate the correct value for HP instead of forcing players to look at the hover menu.

Block Feature:
A new blocking feature was added. Unlike the /ignore command, the /block command will store blocked users in the block.txt of the client file so they are not lost on end of session. Here are the commands:
-/block <;username>; will block all messages from a user, so both PMs and any messages in channels
-/block <;username>; again will unblock the user and unhide any messages in channels
-/block will give a list of blocked users, this list is also shown on login to remind of blocked users

Note: Blocking a user will also block yourself from sending them PMs. This is to avoid any abuse of this feature. Also, blocking staff is not possible.

-Pokemon no longer lose Happiness upon fainting in PVP
-Pokemon fainting outside of PVP now lose 1 Happiness &#40;previously 5&#41;
-Gaining Happiness on level up now works according to Gen 5 standards
-As noted earlier, holding Soothe Bell now gives 1.5x on all positive Happiness changes and has lost its old functionality.

Follow Sprites:
-Follow sprites now use a new template.
-The size of the follow sprite is now dependant on the actual size of the sprite file.
-The visible follow Pokemon is now the first un-fainted Pokemon in the party.

Window Layout:
-Default Windows style window was implemented in the client without the usual custom border.
The client can switch between the Default Widnows layout and the custom layout using the &#39;Skins\Settings.ini&#39; file.
This is experimental. If you run into bugs with this mode, reports would be highly appreciated.

More Music:
Many tracks have been added to the client thanks to the work of the composer group, which, while their work is far from done, has been a long term project. Some of the compositions are custom, as well, so enjoy!

..And a lot more!
There are several bug fixes and code optimizations! And you will definitely be able to feel the difference. Even the biggest map loading time is down to 3 seconds from previously 40 seconds.
You can now see foot prints and bike prints on sand tiles! An animation for water tiles has been added as well.
Every little thing - even the mini-map in game - has been updated and fixed.

The changes listed above have been heavily tested by all of us to make sure you all are able to enjoy the game without any errors. But, we�re only a handful of people, so if there&#39;s any problems do let us know and we will try to fix them as soon as possible. We hope you can continue to enjoy our online game, Pokemon World Online - a perpetually growing MMO.[/spoiler]
Thank you all for being patient!
Monday, 16th Mar, 2015 · 88 replies


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