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A Fairy from the Future

Hello community! Starting at any time after June 22, 2PM UTC a Time Traveler Fairy named Gardevoir will visit our present era to deliver all Trainers 4 limited items from future releases to aid everyone with ";free samples";. Want to know which items are these? Just log in and check by yourself!

This will be our 2nd Limited Quantity Shop and due the recent events from past voucher event she will be located at either Celadon and Goldenrod big marts where she found the B1Floors to stop by while she's around. We will have restocks every 5 hours (may be subject to change due avaliability) and this Limited Quantity Shop will be around during 22nd to June, 24. There will be a sign named Shop Schedule so everyone can check when the next restock is going to happen (times are recorded as UTC and please note Restock Time and Limited Shop Time are not the same thing).

Gallade will also aid her out and will bring the Superpower Move Tutor to do a short Father's Day week celebration. Your pokemon will be able to be a superhero with a super power!
Monday, 22nd Jun, 2015 · 11 replies


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